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About Us

Welcome the Blow Fly goes Retro

the blow fly inn est. 1955
An old, rustic, picture of the outside of The blowfish inn

The Blow Fly Inn
A Coastal Icon
The Coast's Family Restaurant For Generations

Stories regarding the origin of the Blow Fly Inn are almost as numerous as the people who frequent the restaurant. Facts at this date in the Blow Fly's existence are hard to come by, but regardless the stories are all very colorful.


Sometime in the early 1950's Jeff Evans owned Hickory's BBQ which was located about one block away from The Blow Fly's present location. Jeff's brother, Mac had a restaurant on Courthouse Road South of the tracks. A rivalry existed between the two brothers as Mac's customers frequently asked directions to Hickory's BBQ. Voicing his frustrations, Mac would tell them, " go North to Pass Road, take a right and follow the string of BLOW FLIES.


In 1955 Albert Malone, a frequent customer of both the Evans brothers restaurants, purchased “Hickory’s BBQ.”  Because of Mac’s directionsto follow blow flies, Albert thought the Blow Fly was a good name for the restaurant. Mr. & Mrs. Malone (known as Al & Bert), owned and operated the Blow Fly Inn until Al’s Death in 1980, after which Bert continued to carry on the operation herself until age dictated her retirement in 1995.


Over the years the Blow Fly Inn became an icon of the coast and a place where generations of families grew up. Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, Mothers & Fathers, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren have all eaten at the Blow Fly Inn.


Our goal is a return to the quality of food served by Al and Bert and a continuation of the service which Blow Fly customers have come to expect.  We appreciated your business and hope you will come back to see us soon.


Blow Fly Management and Staff